Jantzen started its humble beginning in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur – year 1997 encompassing 25 staff and started with 3 lorries delivering our 19 liters bottle water all around the Klang Valley area. Back then, we only have not more than 50 customers buying from us.

In the year 1998 the Jantzen team had expanded to more than 1000 accounts becoming one of the largest 19 liters drinking water manufacturers in the industry. With more than 40 staff, the company prospered and shifted our Head Quarters (HQ) to Puchong.

In the year 2002, the Jantzen brand has grew even more amongst the corporate scene and finally obtained our KKM license from the Malaysia Ministry of Health – this lead us to upgrade our Reverse Osmosis filtration unit to higher capacity as well as incorporate IT system into our management systems to serving more customers.

In the year 2004, As Jantzen brand continued to flourish in the corporate environment due to our excellent 19 liters product and delivery service, our management has decided to also target the retail customers which we were lacking. Hence, the birth of Jantzen 200mL cup water product was launched into the market with the idea of retail owners using it to serve their customers.

Jantzen as an organization worked very hard to obtained SIRIM ISO 9001:2000 certification in 2005. In 2006 we are proud to serve more than 5000 accounts for our 19 liter customers and more than 1000 customers using our cup water product. Our operation grew to employing more than 200 employees working under the Jantzen brand in various departments.

One of the main request from customers that we were serving then was bottled drinking water for retail as well as office use, then in 2008 Jantzen decided to collaborate with a PET bottle manufacturer and added 2 new products into our product line; the 500mL and 1.5L PET bottle drinking water.

Many customer praised us for carrying much product variety then, as we provided them a one-stop drinking water solution which we delivery "hassle free" to their doorstep. As the PET business grew, our management were aware that we are contributing more and more waste to the environment. In year 2010, we decide to come out with the best plan to save the environment and keep our business running – Jantzen Green Eco Bottle was born.

Customers started to get used to our bottle shape few years after we introduced this ECO bottle as they started to understand our motif. By 2012, the age of information was at its peak – facebook, websites and emails were all introduced and we even launched our self-ordering website

Today, Jantzen is serving more than 12,000 customers, employing more than 250 employee and has more than 30 lorries running in the streets of Klang Valley. This is our small success and the contribution from all of our loyal customers that has been by our side all along.